Imagine and share your adventures with Les Bidibules, your little friends who turn and wobble.

Bidi Station - Les Bidibules

Children from 2 to 5 years develop while having fun, fine motor skills, imagination and desire to learn.

Les Bidibules are a group of friends. Scientists, pilots, rescuers … they like to have fun and discover the world with children.
Easy to take in hand, their shape allows them to roll, turn, tilt and always get back on their feet.
The Bidibules sit instantly in their funny magnetic gear and can loop without falling!
Rotate, tilt, roll, push, shoot, magnetize, clap, rotate, open, rewind, descend, stack, jump, slide … the clever bases and their many game actions are studied to develop the movements and coordination of children.
While having fun, children develop fine motor skills, imagination and the desire to learn together.


Bidibules vehicles and stations are designed to develop fine motor skills, imagination and sharing.

Open, slide, rotate, stretch, magnetize, roll, tilt, …
Each accessory has been studied to develop the movements and fine motor skills of our children.

On land, in the air, on the seas, …
A complete universe that encourages the imagination of our children.

It is between 2 and 5 years that we develop the first social relations. The Bidibules are a group of friends who stimulate play and sharing between children.


In addition to being endearing, Bidibules figures have 4 specificities:


Egg-shaped, Bidibules are easy to take in all hands.


They rock like roly poly and never fall.


A simple click on the head and they turn into a helicopter, radar, …


Loops without falling thanks to the magnet in their vehicles.


Matt is the leader of the Bidi-Station, the rallying point of all Bidibules! Matt makes sure everything goes well during his friends’ missions. What he likes most is to be with the whole team and have a good time. His best friend is Clark.

Jack is our coordinating Bidibule. He works with Matt in the Bidi-Station. With his computer on his wrist, Jack is connected to every Bidibule and can help them whenever they need it. Jess, her friend, the doctor, is always there to support him.

Jess is our Bidibule doctor, she treats the little sores of all her friends Bidibules! She is often in the Bidi Station to ensure that everyone is well rested and healthy. Jess sometimes accompanies his friend Clark in his lifeguard adventures!

Fix is the guardian of the Bidi-Station. With all his blue and green hair and his broad smile, he is the companion we would all like to have. He is always there to welcome the Bidibules on their return from missions and hug them! Fix is very greedy, he loves to eat … he can count on Matt to prepare good Bidi-desserts.

Jane is the Bidibule technician, she works aboard the Bidi-Station. She knows how to fix everything and always manages to help her friends on their adventures. In addition to repairs, she drives the Bidi Box to move the containers. These containers can be filled with materials for shipments or samples for further analysis in the Bidi-Station or Bidi-Lab.

Clark is the most experienced pilot of the band. On board the Bidi-Copter, he puts his helmet helix and presto he is gone to rescue his friends during the most dangerous missions! When he comes back, Clark lands on the helipad of the Bidi Station and will report to Matt his best friend, the head of the Station!

Bob is our favorite scientific Bidibule, he works in the Bidi-Lab. He loves to make new discoveries and climb into the observation bubble. RX33, his best friend, often comes on a mission with him. Bob is constantly analyzing and exploring!

RX33 is the Bidibule robot that knows how to do everything: repair, invent and play with his friends! His favorite activity? Help Bob in the Bidi-Lab to make new discoveries! When he goes to the Bidi Station, he helps Jane in her repairs.

Zoé is the veterinary Bidibule and the driver of Bidi-Bolide. She intervenes to heal the animals at full speed and loves to loop with her Bidi-Bolide! Zoé often takes her faithful companion Douggy on missions.

Do you know Douggy? With his cunning dog look, he’s the perfect bidi-mate! Faithful and always there to go to new adventures with his friends. Douggy likes to play and be pampered 🙂 He is often found aboard the Bidi-Bolide because he loves to help Zoé in his interventions!


Discover the Bidi-Copter! This is the preferred means of transportation for Clark, our seasoned pilot. With the Bidi-Copter, Clark goes into emergency intervention to help the entire Bidibule team in their most dangerous missions. Thanks to the integrated magnet in the Bidi-Copter, Clark installs in 1 second at the controls and is firmly clipped to make loops! The Bidi-Copter is supplied with Clark and his helmet which snaps to fly even faster.

The Bidi-Bolide is the favorite vehicle of Zoé, the Bidibule Veterinary! The Bidi-Bolide allows him to quickly go to the rescue of his friends and carry someone with her.
Thanks to its magnetic system, Zoé can sit on board, ride at full speed and even make loops without detaching! The Bidi-Bolide can also turn into a drone with its 4 propellers and so fly to new adventures! The Bidi-Bolide is provided with Zoe.

The Bidi-Box makes it possible to move the containers. Just put a Bidibule on the seat, press it on the head and the forks rise. And here is the Bidi-Box ready to deliver the goods! The containers can be stacked or stored in the garage of the Bidi-Station. The equipment can be put there for missions, or it can be filled with samples for analysis at Bidi-Lab. Malignant, the containers are magnetized and can be easily moved by the crane of the Bidi-Station.
The Bidi Box is supplied with 2 containers (no Bidibule included).


Welcome to the Bidi-Station, the place where all the Bidibules meet, have fun, sleep and study! This is the headquarters of Bidibules. The Bidi-Station is managed by Matt and includes a radar, a heliport, a toboggan, a hatch to quickly settle in the Bidi-Bolide, a double command post, a telescopic and rotating crane, a garage with storage area and even two beds for the Bidibules to rest between two missions! In order to further explore the surroundings, the first floor of the Bidi-Station swings completely on the ground floor.
Each action of play (turn, push, rock, slide …) is studied so that the children make precise movements in the space and thus develop their fine motor skills while having fun.
The Bidi-Station is provided with the Bidibule Matt.

The Bidi-Lab is the traveling laboratory of Bidibules, it is full of surprises. This is Bob’s haunt, our favorite scientist. The Bidi-Lab is sent on a mission to analyze the samples taken. With its articulated and magnetic arm ideal to get closer to discoveries, its rotary airlock to return quickly, his elevator to win the observation post and manage the radar, its side door which opening gives way to two command posts … It’s perfect for taking care of children for long hours of play and imagination.
Each action of play (stretch, articulate, turn, push, …) is studied so that the children make precise movements in the space and thus develop their fine motor skills while having fun.
The plus: the carrying handle too convenient!
The Bidi-Lab is supplied with the Bidibule Bob.